Happy Saturnalia!

I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka, or if you’re agnostic or atheist, a Happy Saturnalia.

The video is an excerpt from The Big Bang Theory, the best TV show I’ve never seen.

In my recent travel to Ronda, I were in a pub called Dulcinea. The waiter, Leo, is funny, and he wear a nice t-shirt that explains the Big Bang Theory:


Later I found Santa. It was late with the gifts, so he was asking for some help at the phone:


Hopefully, he was able of spending some time talking with my friend Luis and me:

Ho! Ho! Ho!

And this is all for now. Merry Xmas, and enjoy the holidays if you have them!

Cena Navidad 2008

Nieve en wordpress.com

¡¡¡Volvemos a la web 1.0!!! 😛

Podemos poner nieve en nuestros blogs en wordpress.com. Para ello, nos vamos en el Dashboard a Presentation, Extras, y marcamos Show snow on my blog.

Sólo disponible hasta el 2 de enero 🙂

¡¡¡Feliz navidad!!!