Children see. Children do.

Browsing randomly I arrived to a great commercial from NAPCAN and I wanted to share it. It’s old, but it’s worth the minute and a half you’ll take watching it.

Educate the children so you won’t have to punish men.


Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.

Steve Jobs, Fortune, Nov. 9, 1998

There are men…

There are men who struggle for a day and they are good.
There are who struggle for a year and they are better.
There are who struggle many years, and they are better still.
But there are those who struggle all their lives.
These are the indispensable ones.

Bertolt Brechtl


¿Por qué lo llaman I+D cuando quieren decir C+V?

Reflexión que queda en el anonimato.

La dieta mediterránea

Es que esta mañana me he zampado medio bote de ceregumil con Jack Daniels.
Rafael Vargas

La base de la dieta mediterránea oiga.