3108 Day

I’ve been away too much time, but this is a nice date to return. Tomorrow, 31/08 is the Blog Day, and I’ve been nominated. I must write about 5 blogs that I’d like to recommend, and preferably if they are from different cultures.

So here we go:

I’ve been following Michael Sync for a while. He’s a developer from Myanmar (also known as Burma or Birmania in Spanish), lately focused in writing about Silverlight.

My friend Javi Carnero started recently a blog (in Spanish) and this is… well, he drinks more that he should, and the impact that alcohol has in his brain is reflected in his blog.

An UAC Chronicle is a blog that my friend Pedro Laguna started recently. He is tired of reading in the Internet that UAC sucks, so he is logging his activities and how many UAC dialogs he gets prompted.

¿Did you know that Microsoft has an Open Source Lab? If you are interested about interoperability between Microsoft products and Open Source solutions, you will have fun reading Port25 blog

As an Argonaut, I cannot forget to recommend Argonaut’s life, the blog where Luis Sergio Oliveira (from Olhao, Algarve, Portugal) writes about his experiences with the development of ArgoUML. I should write more about it here too. Oops.

So these are the recommendations that I do this year. The blogs that I’ve recommended are now nominated, but I’m not a fan of memes, so don’t worry if you can’t/don’t want to.

Hopefully I’ll write here again soon. Have fun.

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