RSS Feeds

Today at 7pm I had near of 400 unread posts at my RSS reader.
I spent most of the night at my reader, and these are the results.

How do you manage your feeds? How many time do you spend in your RSS reader?

2 Responses

  1. Whoa! 213 is too much to handle dude, consider unsubscribing from a few ones…

  2. Consejo #1: Nunca tengas mas de 100 feeds.

    Si no puedes seguirlos, agrupalos por categorias, y dedica un rato a cada categoria cada vez que te pongas a leer. Así no te cansas de leer en diagonal larguisisisisisimos posts sobre programacion en la heretica lengua de la perfida albion: viñetita de humor, fotolol, tronchopost, vareidades, repetir…

    Y usa el “keep unread”!

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