II Concurso Universitario de Software Libre is a free software development contest, targeted to University Students.


On past Friday, it took place the Local Phase of the CUSL contest  in Sevilla, where some participant projects developed by students here were awarded.

The awards went to the Pro Evolution Chapping project, a table football game developed by Alejandro Castaño del Castillo and Manuel Albarrán Guerrero, and to the Project Football project, a football’s team management game, developed by David Ballesteros Mayo and David Domínguez Bocanegra. Congratulations to both teams!

100_5889 100_5898

I was invited to talk with Carlos Parra (Emergya), Ana Guerrero (Debian) and all the assistants in a round-table meeting. We focused on free software development, our experiences in our communities, and how to make living developing FLOSS. It was very fun being part of it!


Next week, on Thursday and Friday, we’ll have the National Final in Sevilla, and a lot of free software projects will be presented (and awarded). There are too some interesting talks that you might want to participate in. The complete schedule is at the CUSL website.

It’s a free (like free beer) event, so all of you will be welcome. There will be free coffee and cookies for all the assistants.

Hope I’ll see you there.

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  1. Wow, free cookies? That’s super cool! I’m going then

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