Barras y estrellas (actualizado)

Genial este mail que he recibido. No tengo mucho tiempo para jugar, pero sería interesante hacer como Daniel G. Este es un claro caso de “Mulero”. Veáse El Lado Del Mal

Subject: Capt. Michael S. Fielder from Iraq
From: Capt. Michael S. Fielder []
To: Me

It’s unfortunate that some of my friend who started the journey with me has crossed road. you know what i mean.
I will be very brief in writing. for over 3 months now i have been in possession of some cash. We came across during one of our raids in Taji – Baghdad.
We got the cash from some Iranians dealing in small arms but because i do not have any family back in the U.S before i joined the army it is difficult for me to move my share and
my other friends (Sergeant 1st Class Travis S. Bachman and Corporal Willard M. Powell ) are died now. I need your help to receive the money for me. Let me know how much you want for commission.So that as soon as ya confirm receipt of the cash, i will resign to start a new life with my share/investment.

The total cash is US$2M and i shall start making arrangement to flight the cash to ya.

Waiting to hear from ya. You know i cant make or receive phone calls.

Thanks to ya & Peace

Capt. Michael S. Fielder

Lo más triste de todo es que este señor existía:
Honra a los caídos: Army Capt. Michael S. Fielder

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